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Read to Your Children

Posted by Beth Lobdell On August 16th
Little Girl Reading

This is the eighth of 10 Ways to Make a Major Difference in Your Child’s Life which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

Be a good role model – turn off the TV or computer and read to your children!

Reading books to your child improves their literacy skills, comprehension, and instills a love of reading.

Your child loves getting positive attention from you. Reading together builds your bond and is one way your child feels loved.

As you read, ask your child questions about the story – this helps your child understand the content.

Don’t be surprised if your child wants you to read the same book over and over again. At some point, even before your child can read, ask them to “read” the story to you.

By this time, they have almost memorized the story so don’t be surprised if it truly looks like they are reading the story. They will be following the illustrations and telling you what is happening as they turn the pages. This helps them understand the mechanics of reading.

For example, they will understand that we read from left to right, and that there is a beginning, middle, and end to the story.

When your child starts to learn to read on their own, have patience with them. Set aside some time for them to read to you.

Don’t be too quick to correct them while they are reading – remember you want this to be fun, so that they will love reading! This is also a great way to build confidence.

Enjoy reading to small children? You’ll LOVE our Leaping into Literacy program where you can volunteer your time to read to our students in any of our six preschools in Southwest Florida. It’s such a rewarding experience!

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