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Parenting tips for toddlers

This is the first of 10 Ways to Make a Major Difference in Your Child’s Life which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If you’ve been searching for helpful parenting tips for toddlers and you found this page, no doubt you’re probably dealing with some level of frustration as you try to be the best mommy, daddy, or guardian that you can possibly be.

In a day and age where many caretakers of children simply cannot deal with the challenges that their toddlers bring and wind up walking out on their responsibilities, we commend you for hanging in there and for taking action to improve your skills!

We want you to know that we’re here to help you and with six early learning centers in Southwest Florida, we have plenty of experience in dealing with toddlers.

Nearly every parent has thought or said, “I wish parenting came with an instruction manual!” Well, we can’t provide you with a manual but, we can at least provide you with some guidelines and tips that will help you be the best parent you can be.

First and foremost, you must remember that you are your child’s first and best teacher! Your child is ALWAYS watching and listening.

He or she is constantly learning the good…and the not so good…from you. Try to always keep this in mind when ever your child is around.

Ensure that you are setting an example of words and actions that you would want your child to imitate.

Give yourself a time-out

Sometimes grown-ups need a time-out. However, time-out is not always a punishment. It’s an opportunity to remove yourself from a situation so that you can assure you are thinking clearly and calmly.

When you find yourself getting angrier or more frustrated with your child (and yes it will happen) – take a break! Do something that uses a different part of your brain. You can:

  • Walk around the house
  • Squish a stress ball
  • Put on soothing music
  • Simply close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.

If your child is older, or you have someone that can watch them for 15 minutes, take a “time-out” in a private room or outdoors.

Take a walk, tend to your garden, or find a private room and take a little time to read, draw/paint, play music, or something that distracts your mind.

You’ll then be able to approach the problem, behavior, or challenge with a different perspective.

Ask for Advice

Other parents can be a great resource. Remember, you are not the only one going through this! You can also try reading books or utilizing community resources when you feel like you can’t handle a certain situation.

Parenting is a marathon not a sprint. It is an ongoing learning opportunity. No one expects you to be perfect at it.

10 Ways to make a Major Difference in Your Childs LifeShare Solutions

Once you’ve overcome a parenting challenge in your own home, share what you have learned with others. It will help others know that they are not alone in tackling that challenge, and may help them be better parents.

If you’d like to learn more “good parenting tips” for your toddlers, please download our free eBook. →

Why is it free? Because it’s our mission to enhance the lives of children and their families! :)

If you live near Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, LaBelle or Clewiston, Florida, we’d welcome your toddler with open arms to one of our preschools. Call (239) 278-1002 for more information or email us.

Best of luck with your toddler!!

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