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Ideas for Preschool ActivitiesAt our child care center in Fort Myers, we’re always busy trying to come up with new ideas for preschool activities and I hope you find this one helpful.

Recently, our class decided to make our kitchen into a cockpit while learning about transportation.

Our little bumblebees (a group of our students) were so busy! With the help of their teachers, they took apart old computers and electronics and all sorts of old “junk” to transform the kitchen into an airplane cockpit.

Preschool learning activities

This turned out to be one of the best preschool learning activities that we’ve come up with because the kids use cognitive, math, social, language, and literacy skills when pretending and exploring the cockpit. TSG at its best!

We also challenged our kids to complete a reading train around our room (not to be confused with the circus train that we made a little while ago).

The kids would need to read at home and then have mom or dad help them write the title and author of a book onto a train printout we provided.

Then, they would decorate it together as a family for it to be hung on our wall in the classroom.

We had:

  • 35 books from kids using books that they had received from their literacy buddies
  • Kids borrowing books from our classroom
  • 2 families that had no books at home so we donated books so they could start a home library
  • Some families getting library cards for the first time!

The children got so excited that we made a tally chart to use math and measuring skills to calculate how many books we each brought.

We told the kids if we made it around the whole room we would have a reading ice cream party…and you know what?


Check out our pictures below. Hope you enjoy them and perhaps it will inspire you to come up with your own learning activities for your preschoolers!

If you live close by, we’d welcome your child with open arms to our Fort Myers preschool. If you work late into the evening hours, we offer extended hour coverage from 5:30pm to 11:30pm!

Need more information? Email our director, Tammy Aronson or call (239) 278-1148 for tuition costs, tuition assistance, and our learning curriculum.

Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with your own activities!


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